Sayu is a foundation created to give opportunities to vulnerable youngs, via the creation of a craft shipyard, where they can learn the job of boat building, by constructing traditional one-manned boats. These youngs can then continue their careers in the chilean Navy or as merchant marines.

As I was presented the opportunity to build their website, I fell in love with the project and became an active part in the foundation activities.

I understood the founders love for the sea, for excellency, for their traditions and for the less fortunate, and decided that those principles would be the center of the user experience.

Design process


The first view of the page is a 15 second video that shows, in a simple story, the whole transformation process the foundation aims to deliver. It communicates through image the real impact on peoples lifes this proyect brings.

The whole page moves, whether as a paralax effect, as videos or both, giving the liquid feeling that was looked for.

Every video was selected carefully, to show only wooden crafted boats, following the foundation’s principles of using only noble, sustainable materials in the construction process. 

Donations are asked using a pop-up with a pun that uses the word «Dona» (that can be translated both as Donate and Donut) using sea-related donuts in the image. It seeks to make the visitor smile, putting him/her in a better mood to actually make a donation.

Client reception was great, with only positive comments from the founders and test users. 

Currently, there are other projects in development for a couple of the founders´ own business, that started thanks to the success in this one.